Analysis & Reports Overview
Welcome to our Public Reports section!

You can access two types of reports - or greenhouse gas (GHG) inventories - here:
  • Entity-wide reports: these reports are from organizations that are Members of The Registry and have voluntarily reported their GHG emissions.
  • Facility reports: these reports are from facilities in Massachusetts that are required to report their GHG emissions pursuant to state regulations.
Please follow the instructions below to view the reports. Note: the instructions will not be available after you navigate away from this page, so please review them before continuing.
  • Select "Standard Reports"
  • Select an entity - the company or organization that you are looking for - from the drop down box under "Report by Entity" - and the emissions year.  If you are running a Facility report the entity must be still be selected.  If appropriate also select the facility and geographic category.  Note that there may be a slight delay while the system compiles the list of facilities or entities to display in the drop-down boxes.
  • Select "Generate Report" to create a copy of the report. CRIS will display a page that shows if the report is ready to view; select the Refresh button at the bottom of the page to track the status of your report in the queue. 
  • When the report is opened after you select "View", save the report locally on your computer.
  • Select "Detailed Information" to obtain basic information about an entity or facility including supporting documents or a description.
  Keep in mind there are three possible types of reports from Registry Members:
  • Historical - a report that contains data reported and verified through another GHG reporting program, which has been imported into The Registry's system. Historical reports are indicated by a banner that reads "Historical" at the top of the report.
  • Transitional - a report that contains at minimum third-party verified CO2 emissions from stationary combustion in at lease one state or province. This report may include emissions from additional Kyoto-defined GHGs sources or facilities.  Transitional reports are a training provision allowed for Members that have not met the reporting and verification requirements for complete reporting in The Registry's voluntary program. All transitional reports will have a banner that says, "Transitional" at the top of the report.
  • Complete - a report that contains all six Kyoto-defined GHGs from all sources and facilities in all of North America. Entity-level emissions totals in complete reports have been third-party verified by a Registry-approved Verification Body. You can assume a report is complete if it is not flagged as Transitional or Historical.
If you are registered to use the Climate Registry Information System (CRIS) on behalf of a facility, entity, or verification body, you may also have access to certain reports that are not available to the general public. You must log in to CRIS to obtain these reports.